PRG Executive
Executive Personnel:
Bob Towery, Publisher
Ardith Bradshaw, Executive Publisher
Jim Tomlinson, Executive Publisher
Jacques Verhaak, President & CFO

The Publishing Resources Group is a diversified supplier of publishing products and services. Its principals have more than a hundred years of combined printing and publishing experience with national and international companies. They understand how to merge the art and science of printing with a unique understanding of storytelling and are steeped in the business of marketing published products.











Jacques Verhaak, President and CFO

A graduate of Cornell University, Jacques spent the first 12 years of his professional career climbing the corporate ladder in the Food Service Industry. His last position, before going on his own as a true entrepreneur, was as Vice President of Operations for a major airline catering company.

An opportunity arose in 1980 for Jacques to buy a printing company and so started his experience in print management, which continues till now. Jacques sold that company in 1987 after growing the firm by more than 800 percent in 7 years. At that time, with printing ink virtually flowing in his veins, Jacques was recruited to head up a rapidly growing mid-sized printing,  publishing and marketing company as its President. He honed that company’s vision and enhanced its performance over the next five years during which time he grew both its bottom line and its scope, as it became a nationally known and respected reseller of press-time for numerous large print firms.

Today, Jacques has various business interests; however, he continues to focus his endeavors on the delivery of ‘printing excellence’ a concentration that has for over a quarter of a century, brought him much satisfaction and many long term clients.

Jacques was instrumental in bringing together the diverse team of capable and experienced individuals who today comprise the Publishing Resources Group.

Current Endeavors

Jacques is a Director of Trans-Global Capital Management, Inc, a research-intensive, value-based development and insurance firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Trans-Global focuses on investment opportunities throughout the real estate sector, including office, hotel, and retail.